Now you’ve written your Retrofit Project Brief, it's time to create a plan. Everything you’ve outlined about your motivations, priorities, future plans, budget and timescales will help to tailor this plan to you and your home.

The first, important step in making this plan is assessing your home. A thorough retrofit survey will help you to understand where the ‘big ticket’ improvements lie and also identify any repair work or issues you might need to address before tackling energy efficiency improvements.

If you’re planning simple works such as draught-proofing or loft insulation, then a basic checklist or walk-through survey may be sufficient.

But, if you’re considering more extensive works such as internal or external wall insulation, triple glazed windows or an air ventilation system, even if you’re not doing all of these at once, it is worth investing in a more detailed assessment - such as our Home Retrofit Planner.

This type of in-depth survey will profile your home’s current energy performance and identify the main opportunities and risks for your retrofit . For more information about the different types of home assessment available, click here.

An in-depth home retrofit survey will give you the foundations of a whole-house retrofit plan – even if you choose, like many people, to do your retrofit works in stages.

Next you'll want to set out the exact retrofit measures you want in your property in a Scope of Works. You might want advice on this from an expert or you may feel confident enough to make these decisions yourself. These might be based on one of the scenarios from your assessment report.

In People Powered Retrofit, a Retrofit Surveyor can help you decide which energy efficiency improvements to make, and set out the associated considerations in a Scope of Works document.

You can then take your chosen measures to the next phase of your retrofit project - Stage 3: Design and Contracting. This is where you turn your retrofit plan into a clear set of requirements ready for procurement.

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  • Home Retrofit Planner assessment

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