Scope of Works

This sets out the exact retrofit measures you want in your home. You might want advice on this from an expert or you may feel confident enough to make these decisions yourself.

These might be based on one of the scenarios from your assessment report - though you might choose to mix and match. In developing this it's important to keep thinking about the 'whole house’ approach - considering what measures will work well together or with other work you have planned.

You'll want to list any details of key risks, interactions with other measures, preparatory work, and design requirements against each of your chosen measures.

You should also consider whether any statutory approvals and permissions, or any specialist investigations or surveys are needed.

All of this will influence your outline timescales and project programme.

Within People Powered Retrofit a Retrofit Surveyor can help you choose your measures and make these considerations for you.

Retrofit Pathway Assessment

This will all inform the level of professional input required, and within People Powered Retrofit, which retrofit pathway within the service is suitable.

Pathway A

Low risk works that require minimal or no design work or investigative work. Can be carried out by a suitably qualified tradesperson or installer.

Pathway B

Works that have some technical risks associated with them, that therefore need some further investigation and/ or design work. This might be carried out by a suitably qualified architect, engineer, designer or other specialist.

Pathway C

Works that have some rarer or more specialist technical risks associated with them (e.g. in high-rise buildings) or an existing property that is protected by a heritage listing or similar. This is likely to require input from design specialists.

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