Stage 1: Starting Out

Retrofit isn’t one-way-only. Some people need help with a certain element of the process, but they manage another part themselves. Other householders want support with the whole project.

People Powered Retrofit offers a range of pick-and-mix services to help you along your retrofit journey. We are a not-for-profit service, offering householders in Greater Manchester impartial, easy-to-understand information and guidance on retrofit.

In the Starting Out stage, we can help you pinpoint exactly how retrofit might improve your home. This includes supporting you to develop a Retrofit Project Brief which sets out the key elements of your works, your goals and motivations.

Our People Powered Retrofit Advisors can:

  • Signpost you to relevant information, such as websites, factsheets, sources of advice and case studies
  • Develop your expectations around what can be achieved
  • Help you to articulate your aims and priorities
  • Outline options in terms of service level (single phase or multi-phase etc) and delivery pathway (traditional, design & build, DIY)
  • Assist your decision-making around products, contractors and all other procurement considerations
  • Ensure you take an appropriate direction through your retrofit project in terms of scale, costs and other priorities
  • Support you to baseline your energy use

At the end of the project, you’ll have a strong, clear Retrofit Project Brief that will be used throughout your retrofit journey.

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Being flexible and open to change is important and having a plan, having a very good plan, but not being rigid is the balance that needs to be played. You need to have that in mind before you start.

Gervase Mangwana, Chorlton

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