We can help you get the monitoring, handover and aftercare of your retrofit project just right so you can ensure the sustainability of your measures.

Our People Powered Retrofit Coordinators can:

  • Develop a retrofit evaluation report: assessing the performance of your home once all measures have been delivered
  • Create a retrofit handover pack: Including a checklist bespoke to your project that details the documents and information you should ask for once works are complete. This pack also includes a number of user guides helping you to understand how to use and look after your retrofit kit.

Other services

Depending on your project and household requirements we can commission and carry out further investigation, including:

  • Occupancy surveys
  • Environmental monitoring services ie on internal temperatures, humidity etc.
  • Building performance study
  • Air pressure tests, to benchmark air tightness within a property.

Find out how People Powered Retrofit can help you to handover and evaluate your retrofit project. Drop us an email or call 0161 820 1273

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