A People Powered Retrofit Surveyor can be a guide and sounding board throughout your project. When works begin and quality control is crucial, their knowledge and experience can help you monitor and assess the quality of work carried out by your contractor.

We will make a recommendation on the exact makeup of services based on the scope and scale of your project and our discussions with you. We will set this out in a fee proposal to you, in which services and costs are clearly and transparently set out.

Our People Powered Retrofit Surveyors can:

  • Create a quality assurance checklist: tailored to your Retrofit Project. This will outline exactly what needs to be examined and recorded.
  • Provide training/ ‘Toolbox Talks’: for contractors on specific issues, for instance airtightness or insulation installation.
  • Carry out site visits: at agreed points and provide written notes and photos to you promptly.
  • Facilitate discussions: such as round table meetings or email conversations, ensuring effective communication between you, your contractor and designers to address issues.
  • Provide guidance on handover and commissioning: for example, what documents (such as warranties, guarantees or manuals) to expect from the contractor.
  • We'll also supplement this information with our own user friendly materials to explain key concepts.
  • Outline appropriate post-completion monitoring: this will happen at Stage 5 and will include gathering some basic information about your experience and energy consumption as standard, but may also include more detailed evaluation and assessment work if required.

There are some things that our People Powered Retrofit Surveyors can’t do:

  • Rectify any defects in your retrofit works.
  • Issue instructions (you could appoint a contract administrator to do this). Retrofit Coordinators can inspect but not instruct.

Enquire here to find out how People Powered Retrofit can help you to quality assure your retrofit project or call 0161 826 0141.

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