At People Powered Retrofit we offer a range of services to help you develop your retrofit design and find people to install your retrofit measures.

Our Retrofit Surveyors can help you to commission appropriate design work for your retrofit project, calling upon our design partners Urbed, or suitable Retrofit Designers from within our network.

We can also help with projects with an Architect on board, working collaboratively, or offering Architect to Architect advice on retrofit measures and energy efficiency aspects specifically.

Our Retrofit Surveyors can also help with the procurement process, making initial enquiries to suitable contractors from within our network supporting you to host a competition and progress with the best suited contractor through to a contract.

Ultimately, our aim is to encourage the growth of a high quality, sustainable retrofit supply chain in Greater Manchester.

The People Powered Retrofit service can:

  • Appoint a qualified Retrofit Surveyor to support the Design and Contracting stage of your project.
  • Help you to take forward neccesary design work for retrofit measures
  • Help you to procure suitable contractors to install your retrofit measures

Having a Retrofit Surveyor to guide you through this stage of the retrofit process is really helpful. They’re highly experienced in domestic retrofit and have a far-reaching job role, from being a sounding board through to completely managing your project. They can help you to identify risk, collect specifications and procure your contractors. When works begin and quality control is crucial, their knowledge and experience can also help you to monitor and assess the quality of work carried out by your contractor.

Jonathan Atkinson, Programme Manager, Carbon Co-op

Design and Contracting Part 1 - Design Development:

  • Commission design work: required to mitigate retrofit risks, from appropriately qualified people.
  • Create a Schedule of Works: with specifications to enable contractors to quote accurately.
  • Help to create the ‘prelims’: a document outlining how the work will be delivered and setting out acceptable working practices, for example, agreeing working hours and access arrangements.
Design and Contracting Part 2 - Procurement and Contracting:
  • Advise on pre-existing relationships with builders: so you find the best contractor for your home.
  • Provide quality assurance checklists: and information on standards to include in your contract.
  • Signpost you to contractor networks: and provide contact details for potential contractors.
  • Offer market intelligence: on expected prices, competencies and supply chain networks.
  • Review the tender package: for clarity and usefulness and provide feedback.
  • Provide guidance on contracts: including a range of suitable standard templates.
  • Offer a quote template: that you can send to potential contractors.
  • Give you a tender review checklist: or weighting template to help you select the right contractor.
  • Review tender returns: providing feedback on quality and cost.
  • Advise on contractor training needs: and create a professional development plan if needed.

Our Code of Conduct

Retrofit specialists in our contractor network are put through our onboarding process before they can work for any of our clients. We get to know them, which gives us, and our clients, confidence that work will be of high quality and good value. They also sign up to our Code of Conduct, which aligns to our values:

To act in:

  • in good faith;
  • in an open and trusting manner;
  • in a co-operative way;
  • in a way to avoid disputes by adopting a ‘no blame culture’;
  • fairly towards each other; and
  • valuing the skills and respecting the responsibilities of each other.

There are some things that the People Powered Retrofit service can’t do at this stage:

  • Carry out design work which we are not qualified to do.
  • Enter into a contract with any contractor, builder, supplier, installer or trades person.
  • Decide which contractor is most suitable.
  • Issue instructions to the contractor.
  • Be liable for additional contractor or client payments at a later stage.
  • Move away from our independent stance and collude with contractors.

And we’ll need you, as the householder, to:

  • Communicate with designers and supply any information required.
  • Make contact with potential contractor/s and be the point of contact to answer their questions.
  • Make a final decision on the chosen contractor and appoint them directly.
  • Understand that a change in specification or timescale may sometimes result in a change in price.

Find out how People Powered Retrofit can help you to develop your retrofit project design by contacting Lewis Sharman at or call us on 0161 820 1273.

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