PAS 2035 is the UK’s domestic retrofit standard and it was developed following a review of retrofit quality in 2015-16. The Each Home Counts review found that householders needed more support around retrofit, namely a standard set of rules to help plan and quality assure retrofit projects.

What does it stand for?

PAS 2035 stands for Publicly Available Specification 2035 and it provides a framework for how energy performance can be improved in people’s homes to a high standard and with minimal disruption.

It’s designed to clarify the responsibilities of people in retrofit roles and the qualifications they must hold prior to retrofit works beginning.

The PAS 2035 quality mark is backed up by a consumer charter, an industry-standard code of conduct and a technical standards framework.

Do you have to comply?

There is no legal duty to follow PAS 2035 yet. It’s used on a voluntary basis in private properties, but for government-supported projects, including those using Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding, it is already used widely.

Our Retrofit Surveyors are familiar with PAS 2035 because it provides some really useful set of guidelines on domestic retrofit quality. The government may also make compliance compulsory for householders in the next few years so be sure to keep an eye out.

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