Retrofit is a relatively immature market. Many really great contractors will have knowledge gaps around energy efficiency techniques or measures. This is quite normal and on site talks or on-the-job training can help, focusing in on a particular retrofit competency or procedure.

It’s important to find a contractor who is open minded to learning new skills and willing to say when they need support. Knowing they can flag any knowledge gaps is important and will help prevent problems later down the line.

There is where a Retrofit Coordinator can help. An friendly training session to reinforce knowledge or demonstrate a technique is often all that’s needed to plug the gap. Contractors can ask questions and raise issues, they feel supported and guided and sessions strengthen relationships and communication.

Retrofit Coordinators can also signpost contractors to further information or assistance on a particular technique. That might be a manual, video or online article or it could be a more formal training session, relevant CPD course or qualification if they want to take things further.

Carbon Co-op runs a selection of contractor and trade specific training courses or can support contractors to identify courses run by others that are suitable.

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