‘Handing over’ from contractor to client can be a rushed process. Builders are glad the job is done, and they’ve been paid (minus any retention). Householders are relieved the disruption is finally over and they have their house back. As a result, the time that contractors spend briefing their clients on warranties for different kit or on how to operate and look after systems can be minimal.

On retrofit projects, this handover procedure is crucial so householders know exactly how to use, check and maintain the specialist systems and products that have been installed.

For example:

  • Have you been briefed on the various user manuals? Do you understand them? (If not we can help!)
  • Are operating controls clearly labelled?
  • Do you feel clear on the maintenance plans?
  • What warranties and guarantees do you have?
  • Building control certificate/ sign off

Developing a handover checklist before your project is completed can be a good idea. Use it as a helpful prompt to ensure you have all the data sheets, user manuals, instructions, warranties and guarantees you need before your contractor leaves.

This checklist will also be useful if and when you sell your home. On a practical level, it will help the new owners to avoid disrupting retrofit measures, by drilling through the wrong wall, for example. But it will also demonstrate the energy performance of your property which prospective buyers may be interested to know about.

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