Now it's time to consider which products, materials and construction services are needed for your retrofit project.

Your Retrofit Pathway Assessment may have identified some design work that is needed to mitigate any risks. For example, you may need an architect to specify materials and draw construction details to help reduce moisture and thermal bridging risks. Or maybe it would be helpful to get an independent engineer to design and size your heating system and heat pump to make sure it will operate efficiently.

With high quality design work to hand you can be clear with contractors about the materials and attention to detail you want them to quote on. It will help you to compare ‘apples with apples’ when selecting the best for the job.

People Powered Retrofit has a growing network Retrofit Designers that we can call upon for your project. We also offer Architect to Architect advice around retrofit.

Schedule of Works and Performance Risk Register

You'll need a comprehensive list of the work drawn up, including all specifications. This document will include a detailed description of the products, materials and construction services needed for your retrofit project and usually it is prepared by an architect, engineer or designer - often referred to as ‘specifiers’.

A Performance Risk Register may be produced, identifying particular elements of the work that need to be watched or mitigated as part of the onsite quality assurance system.

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