Design and Contracting

So, you’ve got a plan of the retrofit improvements you want to make to your home. But you can’t just hand this to a builder and ask them to crack on.

This is where you might need help from consultants, designers, engineers and sometimes contractors or suppliers with early advice.

This step is about commissioning any detailed technical design needed to describe the work you’d like to do in full. This in turn informs a schedule of work that contractors can price up with confidence.

It’s definitely been a mix of having professionals do some elements and having some elements that we could do ourselves. This was driven by skills, and the skills we could pick up ourselves obviously led to a DIY approach. But things that were too technical for us to learn but also to have the confidence of doing it properly, that led to calling the professionals in.

Lorenza & Paul, South Manchester

We suggest you approach this stage in two parts, commissioning specific design work before approaching procurement.

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